Male Enhancement Tips and 3 Top Supplements to Get Your Stamina Back

The older you get as a man the sooner you get started doing something about your male health the better it will be.

We, men, may look handsome with a little grey hair and wrinkles like the actor George Clooney? But remember, it cannot come to our advantage if our hormones like testosterone are all messed up due to age and an unhealthy lifestyle.

In this article, we are going to care about this. I am going to give you are a couple of tips you can use to improve your male health and testosterone.

So, the faster you are going to get started making these lifestyle changes, the better it will be for your male health and for your future.

Ask Yourself a Couple of Questions

So how do you feel? How about your sex life? Do you have any issues you are concerned about? Try to answer these questions as honestly as you can and tell yourself that you want to do something about it and that way improve the quality of your life. A problem with many men when they get older is that the kind of start living on a lie, not willing to admit that they have issues with their libido and stamina. It is silly because there is a lot of things you can do to make it better. Just because you are in your thirties, forties, or fifties, does not mean it is all over. Now you have your experience, so it is time to get something really good out of your life.

Not Weight Loss But Male Health

This is not about weight loss but your male health, but still, it is very important to take a closer look at your diet. Make sure you are getting some foods and nutrients that will benefit your testosterone levels and improve your blood flow. It is with your diet it all starts, and as a secondary benefit, you are probably going to lose some weight as well. So, at this point, if it is a choice about losing weight or improving your male health, stick to your health. A classic women’s weight loss diet with fewer calories is something you must avoid.

Important Nutrients

There are three important nutrients you must be sure to get enough of when you want to improve your male health and increase your testosterone production. The most important to ensure you are getting enough of is protein since it is the building block of your body. Aim to get at least 30 grams in each of your meals five times daily.

The next one you need to be sure is zinc, but here it is important that you are not getting too much since it may have a toxic effect on your body. Zinc is a compound needed to form testosterone and semen. Finally, you must make sure to get good HDL cholesterol a compound also needed for testosterone and semen.

To get it, make sure to get some whole eggs for breakfast and you are good to go.

The Power of Muscles

Exercising and building lean muscles is a very important part of improving your male health and optimize your sexual health. The best you can do is to use your muscles and train them for size and strength. But it is understandable if you are not so much into an overfilled gym, Monday evening. Most important is that you do some sort of exercising you like to do. It can be jogging, power walking, trekking or even go to some cross-fitness classes. Later, you can always put more focus on your muscle building.


Spending some time in the gym is a good way to build some lean muscles, strength, and getting in shape overall. It is also a great way to improve your male health because it automatically will raise your testosterone levels and improve your libido, and stamina. Remember, you don’t have to spend hours there every day. As little as 45 minutes 3 times weekly is enough to promote muscle growth and give you a lot of benefits. Overall, you shouldn’t spend more than an hour and max five times per week. So, when building lean muscles, you don’t have to turn into a fitness freak.

So, improving your male health with exercising is not about turning your whole life upside down. Keep in mind that you are still you. It doesn’t make any sense to change who you are just because you get started working out, especially not if you like who are you. It is all about finding the right balance, where you live your life and combine it with exercising and healthy eating. It is the best way to get started on improving your male health and testosterone levels.

Using Supplements?

For sure we all want to get some good results as fast as possible and with no side effects what so ever. So one question that probably does come to your mind is if you should use some sort of supplement to improve your male health?

There are three different supplements that I recommend for this purpose, and depending on your situation. Let’s have a closer look at the three.

Spartagen XT

Spartagen XT is the male enhancement supplement to use if you want a little bit of everything! It will help you to increase your testosterone levels and at the same time give you better blood flow. It means using DX Amp, you will be able to increase your libido, stamina and at the same time get a better erectile function with erections that will last longer.

Male Extra

Currently Male Extra can brag about having more than 150.000 happy customers. It is quite a lot when we talk about male health supplements that easily can seem kind of spammy. However, Male Extra seems to be made of the right ingredients.

You will still get a good boost of your libido and stamina, but this male enhancement supplement puts extra focus on your blood flow and erections. It comes with powerful ingredients like a high dosage of L-Arginine, primed to give you better erections

Vital Khai

Finally, we have Viasil, it is for those of you who want a male enhancement supplement with a different approach. First of all, with Vital Khai, you swallow a container filled with smaller capsules that are supposed to give you an instant effect when you need your erections.

Vital Khai is a different approach, but the ingredients seem rather weak, compared to Spartagen XT and Male Extra.

That’s It

SO far, so good now it is all up to you to get started doing something about your male health. Start with the tips and use supplements if you are not seeing any results after a few weeks.


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