Lose One Pound of Body Fat Per Day – Is It Possible?

Despite not always being the best option most people tend to want to lose as much weight as possible in the shortest period of time when they finally have decided to get started with their weight loss diet. One question could be is it for example possible to lose one pound of body fat per day or is this a way out a goal that basically is impossible to achieve.

Before we dig into whether it is possible to lose one pound of body fat per day it is important that we lay out for you the amount of weight that is recommended for you to lose. This is so it will be easier for you to keep realistic exportations and so you will not start to jeopardize your health.

The recommended amount of weight to lose is one pound of weight or around 500 grams of body fat per week. The recommended method to lose this weight is with a combination of dieting and exercising. Losing this amount of weight per week is good because your body will be able to adapt to it and you will not end up with lose stomach skin which is a problem among many people who have been losing weight to fast.

With that being said it is really possible to lose more than that. But if you want to dig into these types of diet you will need to promise this website that you talk to your doctor first and let him check up on you during your diet. A finally remember that you may end up with lose stomach skin if you are losing a high amount of weight.

The HCG Diet Plan is a weight loss diet that consists of two different parts. First, you have the actual diet plan where you will be able to eat as little as 500 calories per day, without getting hungry. The second part is the HCG droplets that you will get with this diet. These drops will basically signal to your brain that you will need to get your daily calorie need to be covered from the fat you have on your body and not from your diet.

Making this transformation and only taking in 500 calories per day can make it possible for you to lose up to one pound of body fat per day, especially if you currently weight a lot. As we said before getting started with this type of diet you do really need to talk to a doctor and you need to be in decent shape when it comes to your overall health.

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