Does The Keto Diet Work For Weight Loss?

Does the keto diet work for weight loss or are you better off doing something else?

You have probably already heard a lot about it! Watched commercials of it. Seen famous Instagrammers talking about it, showing theirs before and after pictures. And then on Facebook, you have seen influencers talking highly of it, promoting it, showing their latest recipes?

I am talking about the keto diet, which by far is one of the most popular diets these days. Well, it is more than a diet, because for many it is a lifestyle.

But how effective is the keto diet really? Does it work whether you want to lose 5 or 50 pounds? And how strict is it when it comes to cheat meals, alcohol, and all the other temptations you may struggle with as a dieter?

In the next few minutes, we will dig deeper into this diet and give you a couple of insights, why this diet may or may not work to help you lose weight.

The Keto Diet Is Not A Supplement

When you look at around on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media channel you will often see supplements, powders, and other being promoted as being the keto diet. The post ads are often promoted in such a way that you may think you need a supplement to do the keto diet.

Keep in mind, the keto diet is not a supplement. It is a diet, where your goal is to make your body burn ketones coming from fat instead of glucose coming from carbs.

It means that you don’t need any supplements to do the keto diet and make it work for you. With that being said, exogenous ketones like Keto Trim or Keto Advanced can make your keto diet easier by delivering some of the ketones you need.

It is especially recommended for first-time dieters or if you already know it is going to be difficult for you to follow the keto diet.

But remember, as a starting point, you don’t supplement to do the keto diet.

You Must Eliminate As Many Carbs As Possible

The essence of the keto diet is litterarly to turn your diet upside down so as much as 75% are coming from fat and less than 5% comes from carbs.

It is necessary, else you body will not start to burn ketones as its primary source of fuel.

It also means that you must be very strict with your food intake. One cheat meal and your body will likely be out of ketosis.

Not Like Any Other Diet When It Comes To Cheat Meals

It is here that the keto diet is very different from other diets. With a regular low-calorie diet, it is sort of OK to have a weekly cheat meal. It will often kick-start your metabolism so you will experience an extra weight loss the following days.

With the keto diet? One cheat meal is enough to push your body out of ketosis, so you will have to start over getting back into your diet.

With that being said, using exogenous ketones can help you to avoid being pushed out of ketosis.

Your Calorie Intake Is Still Important

Some people completely forget to check their calorie intake when they get started doing the keto diet. Remember, a calorie is still a calorie and too many of them will make you gain weight.

So if you want to make the keto diet work for you, it is important to consume fewer calories than your body requires, just like with any other weight loss diet.

No, It Is Not All About Bacon

Often when we see pictures of keto diet foods bacon is one source of food that keeps popping up. It is like if you love bacon you can have it every day if you decide to do the keto diet.

First of all, having bacon every day is not particularly healthy. Your cholesterol levels will go sky high with or without the keto diet, and your digestion will suffer greatly.

Just because 75% of your food intake should come from fat, doesn’t mean it should be healthy.

So, the truth is that the keto diet is more about healthy sources of fat such as nuts, avocado, fish, cheese, various meat sources. And less about filling your body with trans fat and other unhealthy sources of fat.

Does The Keto Diet Work For Weight Loss?

When you manage to follow the strict diet protocol that comes along with the keto diet, you can get some good results doing the keto diet.

The keto diet does work whether you want to lose 5 or 50 pounds. It will just take the extra time, motivation, and consistency to get there.

The Keto Diet Not More Effective Than Any Other Diet

The keto diet is being heavily promoted as the most effective diet. Something that you cannot be without if you want to lose weight.

Yes, the keto diet does work for weight loss, but it is not a better diet than any other diet out there.

If you are not into all the fat and prefer more protein, then a high-protein diet can be just as effective. Just cutting calories and exercising, will be just effective as well.

The most important thing to remember about the keto diet is, it is not about famous Instagrammers, influencers, or how Hollywood is shredding off pounds of body fat using the keto diet.

It is about you, and what you feel most comfortable with.

Making It Easier To Get  Good Results

Yes, the keto diet does work but can be quite difficult to manage. It is because you will have to make some serious changes to your diet that not always will be so easy to do.

To make your keto diet easier, reaching ketosis faster, and be able to have a cheat meal here and there, you can use exogenous ketones such as Keto Advanced.

It will deliver some of the ketones you need to get your body into ketosis and to stay there. Doing that, and your body will no longer have to struggle to get into ketosis.

For you, it means a keto diet that will give you better results faster.

Keto Advanced

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In that case, it can be a good idea to consider using a fat burner to help you get better results. Not that they are the overall solution to your diet, but more because they can help you with your weak sides. FenFast can be a good choice if you both want to suppress your appetite and improve your fat burn. It is the fat burner to turn to if you feel your keto diet is going a little slow.

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